broadwise The originality and richness of Moroccan cuisine are due to the multitude of influences it has undergone: Arab, berberian and Moorish cuisine. There is also an influence of sub-Saharan, Jewish culture. All these influences have made it a rich and varied cuisine, with very diverse tastes. It has integrated all the kitchens of the Arab-Muslim world while adding its own touch. Often considered as one of the best in the world, it is characterized by a wide variety of dishes, couscous, countless tagines, pastilla, mechoui for the best known, but also other dishes often known only to Moroccans but equally succulents: the kebab, the harira, the seffa; There are also many regional recipes and each place has its mint variety to prepare the famous mint tea, thirst quenching, which facilitates digestion and avoids the fatigue of the black coffee. Order a drink and you will drink a whole berrad! Couscous is the main dish of Friday in Morocco, served differently in different regions.

Nāngloi Jāt The Tajine, delicious stew of vegetables, meat, chicken or fish will seduce you as soon as the sauce has conquered your palate.